Welcome to Kopenhagen Fur's online showroom...

Kopenhagen Fur has the world's largest collection of unique fur styles. The collection is the result of many years of design collaborations with Danish and international designers through Kopenhagen Fur Studio design projects. The styles within the collection are either our own creations made by our skilled furriers or styles produced in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur Studio and fashion brands.

In 2013, the showroom was established to carry out all activities related to loans of the unique styles and organization of relevant events for the industry. Kopenhagen Fur Studio has created a digital and interactive platform for presentation and lending of all these unique and amazing styles. Loans are made ​​to fashion magazines, films, fashion shows and red carpet events both nationally and internationally.

Contact information

Address: Kopenhagen Fur Studio ∙ Fredericiagade 21 ∙ 1310 Copenhagen ∙ Denmark
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday ∙  08.30-16.00 ∙ or by agreement